Your guide to clothing that values human beings, the environment, and exploits neither!

Say No to Sweatshops and child labor!

  There is a way.  It is difficult these days to find affordable clothing made in good conscience.  There are too many true stories of poorly paid, poorly treated (even underaged) workers making the products we buy in other countries. We are Americans; with American Values.  We, surely should not be exploiting those who, through no fault of their own, are less fortunate than we are. With a little effort, we CAN still do the right thing!  
  This website is the product of a school teacher in Southern California and his students who have challenged themselves to find and buy clothing that we believe to be ethically produced.  Clothing that values human beings and the environment, and exploits neither.  Stay tuned to this website for a list of EXCELLENT companies that offer sweatshop-free, green, high quality clothing!

Why go through all this trouble?

The folks at "Brand of the Free" t-shirts put it best!  We could not have explained the issue any better ourselves, so click the link below for an eloquent appeal to conscience, common sense and compassion:
Brand of the Free - Why Buy American? 

Our Reasons and our Values:

Throughout our classroom "experiment", we have struggled to find the best way to do the right thing.

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Many have said that people just don't care.  We think people just don't know.

Here is an excellent documentary which explains the issue clearly.
Check it out. Click on the link below

"China Blue" Documentary Film
If you can't get a copy of the film, email the filmmaker.  That is how I got it!  It is a truly enlightening and important film.
Here is an excellent summary of the film:  China Blue

Questions? Comments?
Contact my class and I if you wish!
Mr. Chris Hauk - UHS - Upland, Ca.